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    Used Office Furniture Liverpool

    If you're seeking used office furniture in Liverpool with zero compromise on quality, look no further than Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions.

    Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions have been one of the go-to used and refurbished office furniture suppliers in Liverpool for a number of years now and this is something we’re very proud of. We offer a unique solution to kitting out your office space with chairs, desks, tables and storage units. Our stock is used or refurbished only making us an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.

    The best thing is, the furniture looks brand new but you have peace of mind knowing you’re playing your part in a more sustainable environment whilst also reducing costs. 

    Check out our main used office furniture categories below. 

    When it comes to used office furniture in Liverpool, we are confident we have what you are seeking for your business. However, if you don't see what you're looking for, please call us at 01995 606414 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

    Types of used office furniture in Liverpool we supply:

    Used Office Chairs Liverpool

    You’ll be amazed by the choice of used office chairs we’ve got here at Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions. Comfort is key in the office and our variety of used and refurbished chairs are excellent.

    We have a multitude of used office chairs available including; used fabric chairs, used mesh chairs, used operator chairs and so much more too. Make a real conscious decision to help the environment and be a greener office with our chairs. In addition, we also have used office booths available which are fantastic for reception and meeting areas.

    used office furniture liverpool

    Check Out Our Used Office Chair Range!

    Used Desks Liverpool

    Desks play a vital role in increasing productivity, creating an enticing space for employees and more. If you’re wanting to improve your carbon footprint and make your business or organisation greener then why not take a look at our used and refurbished desks. You’ll be blown away by our wide selection of desks including the likes of single desks, standing desks, and bench desks.

    used office furniture liverpool

    Check Out Our Used Office Desk Range!

    Used Meeting Tables Liverpool

    There are lots of benefits to buying used meeting tables as opposed to buying branding new ones for your office. For businesses and organisations looking to improve their green credentials, this is an excellent option. Used meeting tables are also much better value for money because they’re quality checked and approved so have the appearance of something brand new but they’re in fact used or refurbished ones with a previous history to them.

    Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions are your specialists in this area in Liverpool so please reach out to us for more information. Some of our options include; used folding tables, used coffee tables, used round meeting tables, and rectangular tables but we have a lot more as well.

    used office furniture liverpool

    Check Out Our Used Meeting Table Range!

    Used Storage Units Liverpool

    When you require more storage at your office, it can be quite costly buying multiple new units. We supply used storage units that have been checked, re-worked and approved so they’ll look amazing in your office as well as perform their job perfectly. We know just how good they are because we know the rigorous cleaning and inspection they go through before being deemed good enough to see as used or refurbished. It’s the eco-friendly way to grow your office storage with bookcases, filing cabinets and storage cabinets. 

    Check Out Our Used Storage Units Range!

    used storage units

    Used Office Furniture Liverpool - High-Quality Brands

    Used furniture is still quite a new concept for businesses and organisations because the natural instinct is to buy a brand new anything initially. There is also a misconception that used furniture is less in grade or lacking in quality when this simply isn’t the case. We are proud to offer an alternative to the traditional way of acquiring office furniture so if you’d like to be a greener company then definitely get in touch with us.

    We’ve got everything from chairs, to tables, to desks to storage units in a variety of brands too including: Allermuir, Brunner, HAG, Herman Miller, Sedus, Modus, and Pedrali. Chat to our Liverpool team today.

    Why Choose Us?

    We think you should choose to work with us here at Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions because we’re a reliable, trustworthy and quality business. We offer a sustainable solution to getting office furniture that’s better for the planet and doesn’t see old furniture ending up in landfill.

    Our prices are fair and our team is dedicated to helping you get the exact solution you require. We’ve got the knowledge, passion and desire to support your business so get in contact with us today.

    Order Today Or Call Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions

    To place an order or find out more about our stock, simply get in touch with us which we’ve made really easy. Choose one of the following methods and our team will be in touch as soon as they can. Call our direct phone number on 01995 606414, use the contact form on our website or message us on social media. We regularly monitor all these channels so we hope to hear from you soon here at Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions.